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We are a family owned business and many of us are parents of young kids. The unique challenges of COVID have us looking at our business center with new eyes. We have been working hard to make our space more parent-friendly and have even welcomed a child enrichment center in the first floor of our building.


We get it

Finding somewhere to get work done feels impossible right now

Office Solutions for Parents

We have offices that serve a variety of needs. Below are some examples, but please reach out to us to hear about our full range of options.

Contact us to find out more about these and other packages available at our business center


Split Office

If you need to bring your kids with you, our split offices are the ideal solution. Our split offices are two rooms with a door in between so you can set them up for remote learning using our high speed internet, or give them somewhere to play while you work in a fully furnished office.

Prices start at $1100/month


Private Office

If you are just looking for somewhere quiet to work away from home, our private offices have everything you need. Fully furnished with optional phone and internet services, our offices allow you to move right in so you can focus on your work.

Prices start at $550/month


Virtual Packages

Ideal for those who primarily work from home, our virtual packages offer use of our conference rooms, use of a professional address, and access to a variety of other business center services.

Prices start at $70/month

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Plantation FL, 33324

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